Why is Valentine’s Day for lovers?

Among the most well-known stories representing the roots of Valentine’s Day dates back to 270 A.D. through the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II who banned marriage because he thought single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine disregarded the Emperor’s wishes and continued to marry couples in secret till he was captured and thrown in prison for treason. He was implemented on the 14th of February, which explains the reason why we celebrate St. Valentine’s annually on this date.

      Valentine’s Day chocolate?

There are a lot of reasons why chocolate is a favorite Valentine’s Day present . Besides having an aphrodisiac, many state it was Casanova’s favourite dessert.

Interesting fact: More than 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are offered each year.


Valentine’s Day  of Red roses

Most of us relate the color red with fire and adore . Legend also has it that Venus, the goddess of love, favoured red roses over the rest of the blossoms.

Interesting fact: Nearly 75% of most men and women who purchase flowers on Valentine’s Day are men and over 50 million roses have been awarded every year on this day.

Valentine’s Day  Cards, gifts and champagne…

Many men and women take this vacation very seriously and place lots of thought in arranging a spectacular night outside or a romantic escape . They make certain that you obtain their gifts weekly beforehand — the normal Valentine’s Day gifts comprise blossoms , chocolate, teddy bears and candy. And needless to say, anything with cupid, pink hearts and kisses has to be included in the blend!

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