Valentine’s Day in a Wonderful Way 2020

My heart is Just like a Blossom

I would Discover the softest rose

To brush against

Those luscious lips, the angels picked

My heart is just like a flower

Craving for the morning kiss

Mere words can’t pay homage

Into a fire like this

–Valentine’s Day

Is the very easiest day

In an excellent way


Be Our Valentine

B-Email Together with us at the circle of our love,

E-ven if by chance you’re lonely.

O-ur greetings we’ve expect your heart vwill move,

U-niting our great dreams by yourself.

R-emember you will find people who think of you personally,

A-so remote mountains give thickness to what we see,

L-et these words a few elegance to your daily life give.

N-ot raised but for love. However if we will,

T-Here’s a wind that changes the rampart delicate,

That I -nvading with sweet odor the soul still.

N-ow can we all appreciate this odor fine,

Happy Valentine Day Love Felling

I love you more Now than I did yesterday,

But maybe not as much as I’ll tomorow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine lovely fellings

I Hunted through Publications

I hunted through publications & leafed through cards,

For words which wud communicate, what I had in my heart,

But when I sat down to compose, all I could compose was….

I Love You!

Happy Valentine’s Day

My Valentine Day Will Me Heart

Recognizing what my Valentine Fan

Can give me Valentine’s day

Can this be a trip overseas?

Can it be cash for me to hoard?

Can it be just two lovebirds to sing?

Can it be a brand-new vehicle?

Can he reach up to the magic stars?

No my Valentine fan

He directed the dart

Towards my heart

My Valentine enthusiast gave me heart

First of all him

Until the end of period

Yesmy Valentine enthusiast gave me his heart

To My Valentine

V-ortices inside will drag you down.

A-nchor, in turn, in my serenity.

L-ove saves a few who otherwise may drown,

N-or if you deem your love not enough

T-o be the chapel to that I escape

I-n look of a pavilion for the own pain.

N-o love is love unless it’s a chair

E-nchanted, in which a rock could weep again

Love Of My Valentine Day

Love is N’t how long u Have been together

Love isn’t how long u have been together,

Not how much un have receive or given,

How many times u’ve helped each other,

It is how un worth each other!

Happy Valentine’s Day !

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