Valentine Day Love 2020

  In his most recent picture book, together with stunning examples by Long, we are reminded that love could be seen all around us if we only stop for a little time to absorb and enjoy the various forms it takes. It is a terrific way to reframe Valentine’s Day being about what we believe and transmit to our fellow people than about the number of newspaper hearts and chocolates we receive or give.


What can be more terrifying than falling in love? Fran K. Stein is up to something and not one of his monster pals can figure what. The very last thing they would expect is for Fran to be creating a valentine. In hilarious manner, Long shows viewers that the strangest creatures sometimes receive a case of the warm fuzzies.

             What The World Needs Now Is Love

The 1965 song you have certainly heard (that lilting”What the world needs now is love, sweet love”) calls on us to love each other — everybody, regardless of whom. A valentine to the concept of overlooking nobody and every individual mattering, the message is possibly as resonant as it had been from the’60s. Vibrant illustrations in all colors of the rainbow make this a visual treat, also.

                      This Is Not  a Valentine Day

If you know a child who does not select flowers and hearts and Cupid and all that mushy stuff, this is the book to show them that showing you attention does not always fit to a red-and-pink template. The lesson here is that showing our secret hiding stains, blessed stones, along with gumball machine goodies and, above all, paying attention to the things our crushes, children, friends, and acquaintances like are the authentic tactics to reveal what’s in our hearts.

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