The True Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a month away. February 14th is famous as one of the most crucial times for couples round the world with fans exchanging presents and almost 200 million roses marketed. On the other hand, the afternoon has a wealthy and rather odd history, moving through many distinct forms and crossing a period of nearly 2,000 decades.

If you have ever wondered why we celebrate Valentine’s Day then hopefully our manual will explain all you want to learn more about the whys, hows, and wheres of this narrative.

Valentine’s Day Romans Beginnings

The actual story of Valentine’s Day starts in early times. The festival probably has its origins at a Roman Festival known as Lupercalia (occasionally called Februa), which shares a couple of characteristics in common with contemporary Valentine’s Day. It turned out to be a popular spring festival also celebrated in February and renowned fertility and innocence, but the message was cleaned up somewhat now and today involves considerably less creature sacrifice. The early Lupercalia party also featured a clinic of young noble individuals running through the streets nude

Valentine’s Day Religious Festival

When Christianity started to take hold in Europe the priests and bishops of the period were seeking to replace the clearly pagan Lupercalia. In 496 Pope Gelasius, I announced the date to be the Feast of Saint Valentine’s together with all the expectation of supplanting the festivities currently set up.

Valentine’s Day Modern Commercial Juggernaut

The more recognizable parts of Valentine’s Day became common in Britain from the 17th Century as it became the custom for fans to swap parts of their affection on February 14th. Within a century that this had spread throughout all social groups and by 1900 the published cards we are more comfortable with begun to really go on sale.

flowers were a favorite means to express love throughout the Victorian days and naturally tied in beautifully with all the fledgeling party, together with the crimson rose getting to be one of the symbols of this afternoon. Chocolate firms also saw an chance to make their mark throughout the Valentine’s period, by promoting appealing patterned chocolate boxes into loving couples. It’s currently estimated that approximately 36 million chocolate bars are offered for its Valentine’s Day parties.

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