Poush Mela 24 December 2019

PoushMela in Santiniketan is a vibrant rural carnival. It is one of the important festivals in the area of Birbhum of West Bengal. The festival is celebrated in the ShantiniketanMela Grounds with fantastic excitement and the gist of Bengali culture. The Mela is the best website for the coming together of various cultures and customs from various parts of the country.The PoushMela Began as a Little Tagore family affair Together with a Couple of BrahmoSamaj followers in Shantiniketan. Nowadays it’s among those worldwide events which Bengal is recognized by. Appreciate the carnival setting with Baul musicians, antiques, local village artists and countless visitors from throughout the world.

Each year about the 7th day of the Bengali month of Poush, ShantiniketanMela floor hosts’PoushMela’.

Celebrate of Poush Mela 2019

PoushMela is one of the significant fairs arranged at Santiniketan. It attracts many tourists not only from India but various states of the world. The fair is famed for its ideal merger of unique cultures and customs. Visitors enjoy the reasonable and experience the rich heritage of Bengal. Simply take the pleasure to a higher degree by the fabulous and mind-blowing cultural performances.The pupils of Santiniketan, the Visva-Bharati University celebrate the event with lush festivities. Do not miss the live performances of Bengali folk songs, especially Baul music. Tribal dances are also part of their cultural performances. Celebrate the tribal arts completed by most people dressed in their traditional dress. Attend the display of handicrafts out of not just Bengal however from other area of India too. You will find amazing specimens of Batik printing and Taantsaree along with other handloom shops manned by artisans from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.Food is an essential part of Bengali culture and here you are able to treat your taste buds into real treats of Bengal. Paatisaptha, a type of pancake is a must-try. There are a lot of sweet, salty and hot delights awaiting tantalize your taste buds.The fun filled times of this fair is filled with distinct intriguing pursuits. Aside from the cultural actions experience the Bengali soul in true sense. The rural signature of this festival makes it among the most well-known events in this season.

Santiniketan Overview by Poush Mela

PoushMela is the Event when MaharshiDevendranath Tagore, and twelve others, Embraced the Brahmo.The Mela is that the remembrance of the very afternoon on the 7th Day of this Poush month. The fair is the perfect instance of the amalgamation of distinct culture and customs. Performances by students of Santiniketan are what lie in store for you in the event that you chance to see the area in December.

 Celebrate Bengal’s Cultural Shantiniketan’s Poush Mela

It is well past noon but there is a nip in the air. Wrapped in woollens, I stroll across the rangamaati (red soil) route flanked by trees, one of pupils wearing khadikurtas, women in crisp cotton saris, and uncles sporting oversize shirts and monkey caps. I’m in the university city of Shantiniketan, home to the Visva-Bharati University, which Rabindranath Tagore began from the 1920s.Shantiniketan is charming during the entire year, but it receives a shot in the arm throughout the PoushMela, a three-day celebration of dancing, and handicrafts that dates back 100 decades. After a village honest, the mela currently attracts over 10,000 patrons and professionals of Bengali arts.There’s a lot to see. Fairgrounds are lined with stalls selling leather totes, terracotta figurines, and jewelry of dokra metalwork. It is mostly traditional handicrafts, created by individuals from Shantiniketan and villages in neighboring districts. Piled onto a bed sheet around the floor are hand-carved wooden combs. A cart shut by sells reptiles carved from coconut shells. I find myself lingering in a booth selling terracotta crafts, and before I know it, I am bargaining for a set of three-foot-tall horses.At the middle of the bustling mela is your mancha, a platform for listeners and dancers. The larger performances happen in the day, but there’s always melody in the atmosphere. My shopping is equaled by pupils singing the songs of Tagore, and Baul singers strumming their ektaras, singing of love outside conclusion.PoushMela is also a wonderful place to sample traditional Bangla food. I take regular breaks, sampling piping-hot kochuris, phuchkas (panipuri), along with a winter-time indulgence called pithe: rice flour dumplings filled with sticky date jaggery, coconut, and khoya.As dusk approaches, I select a place facing the point, settle with an earthen cup of steaming tea, and lap up the activity of this jatra: a stunning tale of betrayal and love highlighted by the bright cosmetics and exaggerated acting typical of the type of Bengali folk cinema.

The Fair Experience.The PoushMela still retains the gist of a quintessential, conventional mela or village honest. The activity begins before you even get to the mela grounds together with rickshaw-wallahsliterally dragging one into the place. The odor of roasted peanuts and older fashioned books greet you when you enter the sprawling area. While kids like their rides and candy floss, the girls get themselves occupied with purchasing as the options are limitless.Can it be local handicraft, terracotta out of Bishnupur or beautiful leatherwork, the mela has everything. Tagore began the mela with the notion of promoting local artisans, and even now they are an essential portion of the honest.The culinary delights are also not to be overlooked. You will find lots of kiosks selling a wide range of cutlets, locally called chops. As well as their assortment is unending: Potato, banana blossom, egg or fish fillings. Do not forget to have a look round the Visva-Bharati University campus; significant sculptures of RamkinkarBaij, life size murals and lots of intriguing art greet you at each corner.

Reaching PoushMela


Come December and also the exhausted Bolpur train station begins buzzing with energy, ready to welcome people from far and wide, bound for local Santiniketan. The final week of this season is a time of celebration and merry-making here, headed by the famed PoushMela. Launched by philosopher and religious reformer Debendranath Tagore, over theYears it has gained immense popularity among tourists that need a piece of rural life. The differently sombre hamlet, at which pupils at Visva-Bharati University undefined are frequently seen hanging out together, is filled with excitement throughout this time

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