Great Christmas day of symbols

Christmas is the most acclaimed celebration in the world, and moreover the most prominent celebration all-in. Apart from congresses, customs and ceremonies, there are some fascinating and pleasant details about the various symbols and images associated with Christmas. Truth be told, these things have become so fundamental to Christmas, these images make people realize that Christmas has come. Because this is what Christmas aims for the majority, at least emblematic. The following is a portion of the images that were eventually added to the Day, celebrated as the introduction of Jesus Christ.

Christmas star

For some time, researchers and laymen have thought the same thing about the idea of ​​the star driving the insightful men from the east to find the Messiah. The Christmas star is generally associated with the soul of the festival and there is something very unusual about it. The star’s criticism can be found in the story identified with the introduction of Jesus Christ. On a snowy night another star came to visit different stars. It was brilliant to the point that his rays shone on the dim slopes and made light like day. The shepherds saw it and were alarmed by its abnormal glare; yet a heavenly servant came to them and said: “Do not worry; the star has come to bring you great, greetings of incredible satisfaction, and to show you where a little angel has been conceived, – – a little darling whose name is Jesus, and who will give harmony and happiness to the whole world. “When the angels had gone back to heaven, the shepherds said,” Let’s go see this child. “So they let their herds sleep on the hills and took their crooks in their hands and followed the star. It led them to the little stable in Bethlehem, when the baby Jesus was rocked in a manger. Then the star went on to a country far away, where some good, wise men lived. They saw the bright light and watched the star move over and over, as if he was showing them the way. So they also followed the star until it rested above the birthplace of Jesus.


An image of affection, harmony and generosity, Mistletoe is a flying parasite that has no underlying foundations and lives on the tree with which it joins. It is accepted that the plant had unique restorative powers for everything from infertility in women to damage from intake.

Christmas holly

The evergreen holly symbolizes the continuous life. Druids accepted the holly or ilex was sacred. They thought that this plant remained green all year round, because it was mainly supported by the sun. The Christian legend says that on a winter night, the holly beautifully developed let alone for season to hide the Holy Family from the fighters of Herod. From that moment it is an evergreen form as a sign of Christ’s appreciation. The Mistletoe has clearly been used as an embellishment in homes for many years and has been associated with numerous agnostic ceremonies. The municipality forbade the use of mistletoe in any structure, aware of the excessive ties. The holly was recommended as a replacement. The powerfully directed leaves were toward the thistles in Christ’s crown and the red berry drops of his blood. Holly turned into a nativity scene. Another legend about this Christmas plant says that a little tramp boy lived with the shepherds when the heavenly servants came to report the introduction of the young gentleman. Because the child did not have a present, he wove a crown of holly branches over his head. Anyway, when he laid it for Christ, he was ashamed of his need and started crying. Phenomenally, Jesus contacted the crown and it began to sparkle as the wanderer attacks beautiful red berries.

Christmas rose

A European evergreen plant with white or purplish rosy winter-flowering flowers, the Christmas rose, is regularly used with an evergreen branch for embellishments.

christmas toys

Christmas toys are the way to be to the satisfaction of children, because nothing fills the heart of a child with wonder such as the enjoyment of Christmas toys. This toy is a conventional gift, given for a long time, to make young people energetic and happy on Christmas Day. Christmas toys are accessible in a practically infinite range of decisions. Anyone who has ever looked for Christmas toys probably saw toys for every period of adolescence, and there is a wide range of types for every age. Christmas toys have durable and seductive features that are sustainable and help young people appreciate the extraordinary Christmas event. Part of the important perspectives to consider before buying Christmas toys is knowing if they need it, if it’s good and if it’s safe. These are an ideal Christmas gift for children of any age who never lose their appeal. Christmas toys are fun and the open door for children to develop, learn and explore.

Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath made from mostly evergreen tree branches, occasionally with pine cones and a bow made from a red strip is a typical Christmas improvement. These are suitable as violin of a ring made of flowers, leaves and here and there organic products, used as pruning, holding a partition or entrance or lying on a table. Commonly known are the Christmas traditions from the usual feast of the introduction of Christ, which was later merged with the harvest and the winter solstice celebrations in ancient Rome. From outdated occasions, the festival included making contributions and finishing with evergreen, wreath is one of the most common structure. Wreaths that are shown at Christmas time are like a circle, meaning forever. They also serve to wish individual bliss in the new year.

Christmas wreaths are finished with candles that symbolize the sun during the winter solstice, and with holly, evergreen, red berries and pine cones, which symbolize the gathering place, which may have descended since the hour of outdated Rome. Christmas wreaths can decorate any part of the house, inside or outside. In many houses this image of development and eternal life can be discovered everywhere. These days it is difficult to recall the true importance of Christmas. The wreath above the hearth radiates the hearts of individuals and makes them consider the real importance of this extremely unique day.

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