Grand Grenadian traditional Food and Recipes 2020

Grenada has an awesome determination of conventional plans to have a go at, running from healthy flavorful dishes to sweet treats. With all year daylight and prolific soil, Grenada produces numerous natural products of the soil. Not to overlook the incredible assortment of crisply got fish and fish accessible as well. Solid and flavorful, you’ll be slobbering over the choices accessible during your remain.

Oil Down

The national dish, this heavenly and filling supper is one not to pass up. A generous one pot invention of salted meat, chicken or fish, crawfish, neighborhood style dumplings, breadfruit, green fig, sweet potato, dasheen, and Callao among different vegetables. Everything is stewed down in new coconut milk, herbs and flavors to make a taste bud impression that will keep you full throughout the day! It is regularly cooked on an open coal or wood fire and the focal point of any get-together.

Fried Bake and Salt fish Souse

Famous in a large number of the West Indian islands, singed heat and salt fish immerse is a scrumptious formula that is frequently had for breakfast. The heats can really be very sweet – the mixture is produced using flour, sugar and water. They are gently singed until a brilliant dark colored (not heated as you may might suspect!)

The salt fish is first drenched to evacuate the saltiness and afterward singed with tomato, onion, carrot, flavoring peppers and cucumber to make a delicious filling for your prepare.

 Cou Cou Poise

Cou pois is a corn flour and vegetable blend that is cooked gradually until it ties to frame a smooth, solid blend. It tends to be served hot or cold and is a filling backup to a fish or chicken dish.


Rotes are slender flour skins/wraps loaded up with either curried chicken (with or without bones), fish, labia, vegetables or meat. They are frequently had for lunch or supper. You can request extra hot sauce to be included when they are made relying upon your inclination. Trust us – they are very filling!


Sugar is caramelized and used to cover the prepared meat (regularly chicken), before rice and vegetables are added to the pot. Everything is stewed in stock or coconut milk until it turns into an awesome clingy plate of pelau.

Curry Goat

Seasoned goat or mutton is browned in sugar and oil, then slow cooked with garlic, onions, hot pepper, curry powder and Grenadian herbs and spices. A rich curry bursting with flavour – nealry every ingredient can be sourced in Grenada! Served with rice and homemade mango chutney or lime pickle.

Coconut Drops

Ground coconut is added to a clingy blend of flour, spread, sugar and egg to make delicious little drops that are heated in the stove until darker. A most loved for those with a sweet tooth!

Sweet Potato Pone

Sweet potato is frequently utilized in treats as opposed to flavorful suppers in Grenada. The pudding is made with milk, sugar, ground coconut, and nearby flavors, for example, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are included. The pudding is prepared in the stove like a cake. One not to miss!

Nutmeg Ice Cream

You can’t come to Grenada – the Caribbean home of nutmeg – and not taste the frozen yogurt. Essentially delectable – very little more to state than that!

 Callao Soup

A verdant green soup that utilizations callaloo as the primary fixing right now nourishment.

Every Caribbean island appears to have it’s own variant of this formula, yet the Grenadian one truly is delectable! May incorporate braid or crab for additional flavor… a pleasant starter or light chomp for lunch.


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