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A new corona virus is causing respiratory ailments mostly in Hubei Province, China. BC has a confirmed case of this novel corona virus; nevertheless the threat to British Colombians has been reduced.

Health information about corona virus for public

Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and avoidance of publication corona virus about the health information page.

Anyone worried that they may have been subjected to, or are suffering from symptoms of this novel corona virus, should contact their primary care provider, local public health office, or even call 8-1-1.

Corona virus Respiratory infection

Most cases are thought to be mild to moderate using a subset experiencing more acute disease with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Deaths have been reported among about two to four percent of discovered cases in China although it’s probable that the actual risk of these acute outcomes is reduced granted milder cases are not as likely to be discovered.

Cases were initially connected to exposure to live animals at a seafood market in Wuhan City however; the substantial increase in cases thereafter is because of human-to-human transmission of this virus. The main ways and efficacy of 2019-nCoV spread nevertheless need better understanding.

Health authorities in China have taken avoidance and management measures to protect against the spread of disease and are continuing to investigate the origin of 2019-nCOV. The threat to Canadians is deemed low at this moment, but the threat has been taken seriously.

Public Health Agency of Canada has put a 2019 book corona virus telephone information line at: 1-833-784-4397.

Information of travelers

The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued a Travel Health Notice to avoid all non-essential travel to China and avoid all travel to the state of Hubei, such as the cities of Wuhan, Huang gang and Zhou, on account of the imposition of heavy travel limitations so as to restrict the spread of a novel corona virus.

Travelers returning to or entering Vancouver Information

The Public Health Agency of Canada has implemented measures to find and contain the disease. These measures comprise messaging on arrivals displays at international airports allow travelers to notify a boundary service officer if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms and are arriving from an affected area, and an additional health screening issue at digital kiosks.

British Colombians should always tell their health care providers about their latest travel should they become sick after returning to Canada.

Information health care workers

Assess the CDC website regularly for the latest information about supported cases, case definition, diagnostic testing, disease control and public health measures on the health care professionals’ page.

Updated: February 5, 2020 — 7:14 am

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