Grand Christmas Day Whatsapp messages

01.For The Church Bells Ring,
Before D Cakes and Wine R Served,
Before the holy star appears
Before networks crash,
Give me a chance to wish you A
Merry Christmas
02. Can close the current year this Christmas

on a happy note and clear a path
for a new and wonderful new year.
Here I wish you one
** Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2019 **
03.May Santa Claus brings you many presents!
May your house be loaded with harmony and rapture!
May Jesus drop His rich gift upon you!
Here I wish you a Merry Christmas and a promising New Year !!
04.May the Christmas Season
fill your heart with worship,
your home with satisfaction
furthermore, your existence with harmony ..!
** Merry Christmas **

12. Trust makes everything conceivable,
Expectation makes everything work,
Love makes everything beautiful
May you have all three for this Christmas
13. Christmas is coming againâ € ¦
to announce the affection for God …
to trust the promise …
that God in general will be with us …!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020
14.Xâ € ™ mas is loveâ € ¦
Christmas is commitment
Christmas is satisfaction.
Merry Christmas to you and your family
With much worship and prayers … !!
15. Expecting you to realize how much is best for you,
because you are constantly being worshiped all year round.
** Warmest wishes on Christmas day **

Christmas whatsapp status

1. To my friends and family, near and far: I love you all and I expect you to have an exceptionally merry Christmas.

2. wish you a happy time on Christmas. Merry Christmas!
3. My Christmas gift is the point at which your status changes from Last seen at Online and then to Typing.
4. Christmas is when individuals of all religions come together to love Jesus Christ!
5.Joyful Christmas everyone and all the best for 2019! May this year be superior to the previous one!
6. Christmas fulfills me no matter what season it comes

7. This Christmas I don’t have to buy a gift, because you are from now on.
8. The Christmas in your heart spreads the Christmas feeling that is noticeable everywhere.
9. My Christmas wish for me and my family, but also for all of you: considerable serenity, well-being of the body, quality of the soul.
10. An impeccable Christmas thing is that it is mandatory, such as a storm, and that we experience it together.

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