Grand Celebrate Fair-dinkum Food on Australia Day 2020

The land Down Under is home to a lot of scrumptious sweet and exquisite passage, however here are 7 famous nourishments we can genuinely praise this Australia Day.



Cake:250g margarine (relaxed)

2 cups sugar     

2 cups self raising flour

1 cup custard powder

1 cup milk

4 eggs


500g icing sugar

15g margarine

1/3 cup cocoa

1/2 cup milk

 Furthermore, obviously: dessicated coconut!


To make the cake, beat every one of the fixings together in a bowl for 8 minutes.

Oil and line a 25-30cm tin.

Empty blend into tin and prepare for one hour at 190C (375F).

At the point when cake is cool, cut it into 3D squares and freeze. This makes the lamingtons simpler to deal with and prevents the icing from absorbing excessively.

To make the icing, join and beat every one of the fixings together in a bowl.

Have the icing genuinely slender, similar to the consistency of chocolate besting. Include more milk if necessary.

Coat the cake 3D squares in icing and spot them on a cake cooler to deplete before covering them in coconut.

Meat pie


<B>Ingredients for meat filling</b>

1/2 lb (roughly 700 grams) minced steak

1 teaspoon soy sauce

2 meat stock blocks

1/2 cups water

1 squeeze nutmeg

2 tablespoons of plain flour

1/4 cups water (extra if necessary)

salt and pepper for season

<B>Ingredients for pie base</b>

2 cups flour

2/3 cups water

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 oz (around 55 grams) of hamburger dribbling

<B> Ingredients for pie top</b>

1 parcel puff baked good (12 oz. or on the other hand around 300 gram size)

1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon water


Preheat broiler to 150 C (moderate).

Spot meat into a skillet and mix over low warmth until dark colored.

Channel of any surplus fat.

Disintegrate the stock 3D squares.

Include stock 3D squares, water, salt, pepper and nutmeg to meat blend.

Mix meat blend until bubbling.

At the point when meat is bubbled diminish warmth, spread and stew tenderly for 20 minutes.

Expel from heat.

Consolidate additional water and flour, mix until flour blend is smooth.

Add flour blend to meat and mix until consolidated.

Come back to warmth and mix until meat bubbles and thickens.

Include soy sauce and mix until joined.

Stew revealed for 5 to 10 minutes.

Expel from heat permit to get cold

 <B>Making the pie base</b>

Filter flour and salt in to a bowl.

Spot water and dribbling into pan.

Mix until dribbling melts and expel from heat.

Make a well in focus of dry fixings and include fluid.

Mix until consolidated.

Turn out onto daintily floured surface, work delicately. Turn out baked good to line eight lubed pie tins.

Cut overabundance baked good off from around the edge with a sharp blade.

Whenever constrained for time, use pre-made baked good.

<B>Making the pie crust</b>

Turn out puff baked good on a gently floured surface.

Cut out the adjusted tops for the pies utilizing a saucer as a guide.

Wet edges of baked good and push cake in to put utilizing a fork.

 Trim edges.

Combine egg yolk and water and daintily spread over the top.

<B>Cooking the pies</b>

Prepare in a moderate broiler for 15 – 20 minutes or until brilliant darker.



2 egg whites

1/2 cups caster sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tsp vinegar

1 tsp cornflour

4 tbsp bubbling water


Preheat stove to direct (180 degrees Celsius).

Draw a 20cm circle onto a sheet of preparing paper and spot on a broiler plate.

 Put all fixings into a little bowl and beat with an electric blender on fast until exceptionally hardened (around 10 minutes).

Spoon blend onto arranged plate and straighten somewhat at top.

Prepare 10 minutes and afterward diminish warmth to slow (160 degrees) cooking for a further 45 minutes.

Turn broiler off and enable pavlova to cool in stove.

When cool, top with whipped cream and occasional organic product.

 Sausage sandwich


A bit of pork with fat (could be a shoulder)

Ask your butcher to finely mince the meat for you

Run of red wine

Dark peeper to taste

Crisp fennel to taste (or your selection of herbs or flavors)


Blend the Pork well

Include run of red wine

Pepper to taste and crisp fennel

Blend out and out till the formula is very much consolidated

Ensure the blend is excessively wet as it will self-destruct

However, leave some dampness in it

Put fixings through a hotdog pipe

Slice to estimate that suits you

Cook for a couple of moments on each side and right to serve

There is no skin utilized for the wiener in this formula. Tora says you don’t generally require a skin for your hotdogs “it’s an individual decision”

Anzac biscuit


125g margarine

1 tablespoon brilliant syrup

2 tablespoons bubbling water

 1.5 teaspoon bicarb of pop

1 cup moved oats

3/4 cup parched coconut

1 cup plain flour

1 cup white sugar


Set broiler to 150 degrees Celsius. Soften spread and brilliant syrup over a delicate warmth. Include bubbling water blended in with bicarb of pop. Fill blended dry fixings and mix well.

Drop teaspoons of blend onto lubed plate and heat for 20min.

Cool on plate for a couple of moments. Evacuate and store in impermeable holders.



2 cups moved oats

7 weet bix, squashed

½ cup raisins

 ½ cup slashed dried apricots

¼ cup sultanas

½ cup nectar

1 cup crisp squeezed orange

2 egg whites


In a bowl, consolidate oats, weet bix, raisins, apricots, and sultanas.

Spot the nectar and squeezed orange in a Pyrex container, and microwave for 2-3 minutes on high, or until blend thickens somewhat.

Mix nectar blend into the dry fixings, blend well to consolidate. Include egg whites and blend well.

Press blend into a foil lined 18 x 28cm for 40 – 45 minutes. Permit to cool before expelling from cut plate.

 Tim Tam


600ml thickened cream

1 can dense milk

Crisp mangoes or solidified berries


Line a springform cake tin with alfoil ensuring it arrives at straight up the sides.

Mix the mango or berries until pureed.

Whip the cream until beginning to frame firm pinnacles.

Beat in the container of consolidated milk until blended through.

Fill the readied cake tin.

Tenderly layer the pureed natural product over the top and utilizing a stick whirl a portion of the organic product through the top piece of the frozen yogurt blend till a white example appears on the other side.

Spread and freeze for 24 hours. Preceding serving expel from the tin and strip the alfoil away.

N.B.This formula will fit anything you creative mind needs to do with it. You can forget about the foods grown from the ground a wide range of things to the base blend eg. rum and raisons, cleaved up tim-caps, passionfruit.

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