Grand Celebrate Coming of Age Day 2020

Transitioning day is a Japanese yearly open occasion celebrated on the second Monday in January. It as of now has helped me to remember my own experience that I had a couple of years once again starting now and into the foreseeable future. It made me so glad to be a piece of this yearly service. An exceptional occasion like this can be not be overlooked by each Japanese youthful grown-up who will be 20 years of age.

To be sure, it is an essential day where youthful folks accumulate in a spot that have turned 20 years of age. Truth be told, it is held in different regions everywhere throughout the nation. Just to reveal to you that, a few spots compose this function one day sooner on the Sunday. Be that as it may, how about we discover progressively about this function.

Ceremony of Coming Age Day

Prior to 1998, the function used to hang on January 15. Truth be told, the functions have been praised in Japan since the Nara time frame (710-794). It is said that, previously, young men and young ladies commended their transitioning when they turned 15 and 13. At present, young men and young ladies are equivalent, they must be 20 years of age then they are viewed as grown-up people.

As the function happens in each city word all through Japan, everybody can partake in it including picture takers. They sit tight for the group of people yet to come of Japan to catch their cheerful minutes utilizing their cameras. It is the ideal opportunity for complimenting and empowering youthful folks who have gone to twenty years of age.

Government authorities are to give urging addresses to the youthful folks. I was given out little blessings from them, it filled my heart with joy! Indeed, it is a custom that little endowments are passed out to the new grown-ups.

After the official service, youthful grown-ups normally invest their evening and night energy in their own specific manner. Some of the time, they go to caf├ęs and have drinks; somebody chooses to go to shopping center. The thing I did with a portion of my companions were visiting our Buddhist sanctuary and getting to a sushi bar. At the present time, I am nostalgic for my transitioning function.


In Japan, on a unique day like transitioning youthful grown-ups attempt to wear the wonderful dresses that incorporate a kind of kimono with long sleeves called furisode for female. Here in Japan, for the most part, furisode is worn by grown-up single ladies.

Then again, male wear hakama (male kimono), and western suits. I had worn a pleasant looking hakama as opposed to wearing western suits. One of my companions carried a delightful Japanese hand fan with him.

Coming of Age Adulthood

Transitioning Day invites new grown-ups into society. In Japan, youth are formally viewed as grown-ups at 20 years old. As a grown-up, they’re currently permitted to drink, drive, smoke, and bet lawfully. The legitimate democratic age, be that as it may, was brought down to 18 out of 2015.

Best Ceremonial Dress

About all the young ladies want to wear a detailed kimono or furisode, a long-sleeved kimono for unmarried young ladies, on this day. Kimono rentals are accessible for simply this explanation, since the genuine expense of owning such fine garments can go into the thousands. The men as a rule decide to wear either Western-style formal clothing or some of the time a conventional men’s kimono with hakama.

Events of Coming Age

Participants and their families assemble at around 11:30 AM for photographs and the discourse. The city’s chairman or other significant figures respect the new grown-ups and help them to remember their duties. At bigger get-togethers, there may even be unrecorded music or exhibitions following the conventions.

After-Parties of Coming Age

After the service, unending photograph shoots, supplications, and well-wishing with family, a significant number of the new grown-ups will go with their companions for a progressively easygoing get-together at an izakaya, eatery or even at home as an approach to praise every one of them arriving at the legitimate drinking age.

Coming Age into Decline

The quantity of participants at the Seijin Shiki has been declining a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Many point to Japan’s low birth rate as an explanation behind this. As indicated by Japan Visitor, Shibuya’s service saw a participation of 4,300 new grown-ups 20 years prior, contrasted with only 1,300 of every 2016. The Japanese media focuses to different factors too, for example, the significant expense of formal clothing and hesitance to enter adulthood basically as a result of a number.

Visit to Shibuya

I went to the Shibuya ward office, one of the greatest and most mainstream Seijin Shiki spots in Tokyo. New grown-ups were welcomed by a crowd of families and picture takers, just as large telecom companies, for example, NHK and CNN who were there to report the occasion. It was my first opportunity covering the Coming of Age Day, and keeping in mind that I was there I talked with a couple of different picture takers and was astounded to hear that there were a lot less multi year-olds in contrast with the earlier year.

The purpose behind this is a result of the diminishing birth rate in Japan, a rate that has been diminishing relentlessly throughout the previous 30 years. In the wake of doing a tad of research, I found that five years back there were actually 1917 new grown-ups in Shibuya and 15 years before that the number surpassed 4300. This year there were scarcely 1300 who had turned twenty in a similar ward, that is very nearly a 70% drop in the course of the most recent two decades.

In the wake of putting in a couple of hours outside the city workplaces, the youthful grown-ups were welcomed inside the C.C. Lemon Hall where they partook in an introduction given by the chairman of the city to compliment them on turning out to be grown-ups and to advise them that they presently reserve the privilege to cast a ballot. A short time later, they got the opportunity to watch a live taiko drum execution featuring 7 skilled drummers.

Later that evening, everybody headed out in their own direction to proceed with the festival. A few young ladies would go out on the town to shop around Shibuya while others favored returning home with loved ones to have a fabulous time and drink. During this occasion many individuals have the three day weekend, giving them an opportunity to participate in the numerous occasions going on around Tokyo. True to form the well known nourishment on-a-stick stands can be found all over the place, many significant corridors are additionally shut and vehicles are thus supplanted with road entertainers.

If at any point you are in Japan one year from now toward the beginning of January, Saijin Shiki is an incredible method to have some good times and to see some youthful Japanese individuals in conventional garments. I recommend visiting a portion of the greater city wards like Shibuya, Shinjuku or Nakano and make certain to know the specific time and area of the social affair else you may miss the occasion completely considering there are fewer and fewer participants consistently!


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