Fun Team Building Activities for Valentine’s Day 2020

It is Valentine’s Day! The ideal time to express your adoration for your precious ones. As this present Valentine’s Day falls on a working day, you would most likely be at office with your associates considering your accomplices. You should give some adoration and fondness towards your workers on this day of affection?

Valentine’s Day Play Valentine-Themed Pictionary

Make a group of 5 individuals each. Prior to the game starts, request that they compose their preferred sentimental films and tunes on a bit of paper. One colleague from each group needs to approach, pick a chit structure a bowl and sanction what’s composed on it with activities so others could figure. In the event that they get the motion picture right, the group wins.

 Secret Valentine’s

It is like Secret Santa. Compose the names of your colleagues on a chit and put those chits in a bowl. Request that everybody approach and get a chit. Presently, each colleague needs to give a little blessing to the individual whose name is composed inside the chit.


Valentine’s Day  Heart-a-Stack

Get a few bundles of treats hearts. Make groups of 2–3 individuals. The group who stacks the most sweet hearts to the assemble the most noteworthy pinnacle inside brief successes. Sounds basic, isn’t that so?

 Be My Valentine

Give everybody a chance to assemble around and blindfold one from the gathering. The person who is blindfolded needs to check till 10 and state ‘Be my Valentine’. Presently, whosoever is holding the container will be his/her Valentine and let the game proceed.


Valentine’s Day  Never Have I Ever

This is a fun drinking game for Valentine’s day that will assist you with getting to know each other in a fun way. Workers need to sit together around with a beverage. The primary individual starts with “Never have I ever… .” and complete the sentence by saying something fascinating something like “I never had one end table”. The individuals who have done it must take a taste. Proceed with the game until somebody completes his/her beverage.

Valentine’s Day   Heart Hunt

This is a one v/s all game. Allow somebody to volunteer and blindfold him. Give carefully assembled hearts to the remainder of the group. Everybody needs to shroud the heart given to them some place in the workplace with the goal that the volunteer can discover them when he is located. Make the game time-bound to include a component of fun. Toward the end, the champ gets a prize.

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