Celebrations Christmas of Grand Festival

Christmas Festival falls on 25th day of December annually and commemorate the arrival of Lord Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Christian community across the world celebrate Christmas with religion, joy and excitement. Celebrations for Christmas begin on the eve of Christmas on 24th December and last till New Year’s Day.

In this whole time people make merry, celebration with friends and swap seasons, greetings and presents with loved ones. High level of Christmas Festival parties include decoration of Christmas Tree, Christmas cakes, carols, along with the jolly old Santa Claus – the legendary character who brings

The True Origin of Christmas Day

The source of Christmas is different because the exact date of the arrival and historicity of Jesus are much debated. Christmas, literally meaning the Mass of Christ, is a traditional holiday in the Christian calendar. The festival of Christmas occurs on 25th December, annually to celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ. Christmas is also celebrated as a secular holiday around the world, including countries with small Christian populations like India. A variety of concepts of the origin of Christmas exist which give a very clear insight to the party of Christmas.

 Christmas Date

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in most Christian churches such as Eastern Rite, Roman & Protestant. Because Most Eastern Orthodox churches haven’t accepted either the Gregorian calendar or the Revised Julian Calendar reforms,December 25 will fall on the civil date of January 7 to decades from 1900 to 2099. It’s thought that the nativity was put on December 25th with a Roman bishop throughout the next century A.D.

Pagan Roots Of Christmas

Christmas is out of Christes Maesse, Meaning Christ Mass.. It’s known that throughout the 4th century, the celebration of Christ’s birth on December 25 was slowly adopted by most Eastern churches. In Jerusalem, resistance to Christmas lasted more as according to the specific date of arrival of Jesus Christ is unknown.

It’s said that December 17-24th was the span of Saturnalia, a renowned festival in Western, Rome. December 25th was the birthday of Mithra, the Iranian god of light. This day has been adopted by the church Christmas to counteract the effects of those festivals.

What does Acceptation means of Christmas

Although the genuine source of Christmas is full of controversy and compromise, now, Christmas has proven to become among the most popular festival which fills joy, joy and love in people’s lifestyle.

The festival of Christmas has consumed Customs and traditions of the world and 25th December has emerged as the most significant day for Christians, no matter its own roots. It’s regarded as a day which reflects the energy, salvation and glory of Jesus Christ and his message of hope to the entire world.

A Bizarre but Believable Theory about Christmas

Since the source of Christmas was a debatable issue, many theories was indicated, encouraging the date of 25th December as the birth of Jesus. Few of these are:

The Saturnalia by Roman festival

It’s an appropriation by early Christians of a day when the birth of several pagan gods, Osiris, Jupiter, and Plutus, or the ancient deified leader Nimrod, was celebrated. It’s an appropriation of the Roman festival of the birth of Unconquered Sun, celebrated on the day following the winter solstice, or the Roman festival of Saturnalia.

Jewish of Light by Festival

It derives from the tradition that Jesus was born during the Jewish Festival of Lights that drops on 25th December.

Good Friday of Date

The date of Christmas is based upon the date of Good Friday, the day Jesus died. Since the precise date of Jesus’ death isn’t mentioned in the Gospels, early Christians sought to calculate it, and arrived at either March 25 or April 6. Then, wanting to compute Jesus’ birthday, they followed the ancient idea that Old Testament prophets died either an anniversary of their birth or of their conception.

In Jesus’ case, they concluded he died on an anniversary of the Incarnation thus the date of his birth would have been nine months after the date of fantastic Friday-either December 25 or January 6. The date of 25th December became popular.

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