Grand Kashmir Day 5 February of Poem 2020


The pioneers and spokespersons of the gatherings make discourses to show their solidarity and commitment towards Kashmir and Kashmir individuals. The individuals of Pakistan make the opportunity development of Kashmir fortified against Indian occupation. Kashmir abhor Indian occupation on their properties, and they are making battle and yielding their lives to liberate their nation out of the outside occupation. The Kashmir need to carry on with a free life and India needs to keep Kashmir as an Indian region persuasively. In any case, Pakistan bolsters Kashmir individuals and their opportunity to live as a free state.

At first, the Kashmir Solidarity day was seen in Pakistan. Presently it has been seen on universal levels. Pakistanis any place they are, commend this day to show solidarity and commitment towards Kashmir. For this reason, the artists from different pieces of the world compose heart contacting sonnets. The sonnets likewise show how a lot of energetic love they are bearing in their souls for Kashmir. Here, I am going to give a couple of instances of the verse on Kashmir day. The artists from Pakistan, Kashmir and even from different nations have expounded on the opportunity of Kashmir to make the world mindful of the out of line and powerful control of India over Kashmir. A few sonnets are in Urdu while others are in English.  Find them below.


Free Kashmir

Bodies all cleaned.

Decisions all busted.

Voices all blasted.

Rights all rusted.

The schools like sleeping quarters.

The play fields like Graveyards.

Covered all opportunity lied in the terraces.

Talking a word here brings you thousand perils.

Calling themselves pigeons are all Jeopard’s.

With due respects to every single nationalistic retard.

I need to state that Free Kashmir is on the cards.

Kashmir Day

Channel Ma Bichi Ha Saf_E_Matam Ab Tk

Zulm-O-Sitm-O-Choor NHI Km Ab Tk

Uf Sbzah O Gul Ma Ya Lpakte Shulay

Kashmir Ki Jannat Ha Jahanum Ab Tk.

Har Khawab Lahu

Ek Khwab Ki Hy Tabir Lahu

Sifak Adad,Shamshir Lahu

Watercourse Ki Fizza Dil Gir Lahu

Hr Baan Py Hay Zanjeer Lahu

Waddi Ki Figha Shab Gir Lahu

Or on the other hand Subah Ki Hay Tanveer Lahu

Kyun Dharti Ki Hai Tasveer Lahu

Muslim Ki Kyun Jagir Lahu

Aaa Dikh, Hain Ranjhy Heer Lahu

Hr Ghaat Py Hay Nakhcheer Lahu

Hr Simt Hay Daar O Geet Lahu

Zaalim Ki Hr 1 Tadbeer Lahu

Pewast Ba Seena Teer Lahu

Tuflaa Ky Liye Hay Sheer Lahu

Hontun Py Dua,Taseer Lahu

Roughage Likhi Gyi Taqdeer Lahu

Hr Bachha Jawaan Or Peer Lahu

Kashmir Ki Hay Taqeer Lahu

Hr Saaz Oh Wafa Kashmir Lahu

Hr Jheel Siffa Kashmir Lahu

Woh Kehta Hay Kashmir Lahu

Principle Kehta Hun Kashmir Lahu

Kashmir Lahu Kashmir Lahu

 Jang Rahy Gyi

Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak

Zalim Ki Barbadi Tak

Iraaq Oo Afghn Ki Shadbi Tk

Qibbala E Awaal Ki Bazybi Tk

Jang Rahy Gi Jang Rahy Gyi

Apni Unsy Jaang Rahy Gyi..!!!

Kashmir is Bleeding

Kashmir is dying,

Kashmiris are dying,

Bodies are dying,

Hearts are dying,

blood plunging from veins,

blood plunging from conduits,

a few people are celebrating,

blood parties,

soil is red, waterways are red,

kashmiris are hitch with blood string,

each shading is supplanted with red,

each spirit is constrained dead,

now and again you see headless, bodies,

some of the time you see bodies, headless,

individuals of Kashmir are harmony less, fretful,

Slugs and shells is the round of powers,

adolescents are educated, prison courses,

Eyes are blinded, legs are broken,

moms are left, implicit,

Kashmir is accepting precipitation of tears,

the world appreciates, nobody cares,

Kashmir is an account of youngsters less parent, parent less kids,

obscure graves, place that is known for martyr’s,

half widows and full widows,

vanishings and PSA’s,

custodial killings and murdering at entryways,

Kashmiri’s are held under fiendish cover,

with the goal that their torments, nobody feel,

The surge of blood is continued streaming,

Kashmiri’s are compelled to continue thundering,

at the point when will this blood shedding reach a conclusion, o! world?

when will we live intrepid, and intense?

 Kashmir is Burning

Koi awaz abdominal muscle uthaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Koi insaf abdominal muscle dilaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Har fard hai pareshan, bechain o dil shikasta

Koi marham inhein lagaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Maon ki spur suni, har baap tadap raha hai

Koi inki sunle haye ki kashmir jal eaha hai

Zalim hai sena tane, mazloom hai besahara

Koi zulm abdominal muscle mitaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Racket mai bhi hai andhera, khurshed bhi hai benoor

Koi shamma banke aaye ki Kashmir jal raha hai

Kashmiri Hates India

They set off explosives in their foundations,

furthermore, isolated them from their properties,

I wonder, what did they murmur in their ears,

what’s more, isolated them from their properties?

The blizzards hit the valley, striking Chinars,

where might the fallen Chinars go now?

They will evaporate, and set on fire,

we as a whole realize that,

we as a whole know, that their remains

might in any case want to return

be that as it may, to their valleys as it were.

Kashmiri Woman

Nobody knows her here by her name,

the person who is sitting mum

there on a wooden log,

the lady whose child was butchered

with a cutting tool,

is the main personality she has

right now.

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